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HÖNEYPOT Intimate Hydrotherapy Steam Sauna

HÖNEYPOT Intimate Hydrotherapy Steam Sauna


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- all-wood construction: no screws, a real woodworking masterpiece

- foldable

- durable, beautiful, unique wood design: Redwood, Cedar, Pine

- finished with beeswax and hemp oil

- handmade with love in Occidental, CA

- comes with an inspiring instructional online course on vaginal steaming

- ships worldwide





(one or more YES = yoni steam is for you):


- are you living in a female body?

- do you ever suffer from menstrual cramps / painful periods / irregular periods?

- do you sometimes experience vaginal dryness / painful intercourse?

- are you worried about at one time in your life having fibroids or ovarian cysts?

- are you hoping to conceive effortlessly?

- are you pregnant / postpartum and would like to heal quickly & return to your pre-pregnancy body?

- do you (or anyone close to you) experience excessive bleeding / endometriosis / PSOS / infections?

- do you intuitively feel there must be an age-old way wise women have dealt with menopause?

- do you ever wonder why your gynaecologist has nothing to offer you aside from medication and surgery?

- do you ever wonder why you’ve never been taught how to care for your yoni & womb? Or preventative measures for all the rampant reproductive troubles women are having?

- do you wish you could have peace of mind about having a healthy, vibrant reproductive system?


Yes, vaginal steaming is the answer.

Order this gorgeous sauna chair today and we’ll walk you through getting started.

Reclaim your vibrant health - it’s your birthright.