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Our Story

Wow, I blush seeing this picture from our engagement session in LA, back in 2011. 8 years (and 2 kids) later, it's even more special to us now. 

What is FKNHÖNEY and what’s the big deal?

Well, after a few mind-blowing lovemaking sessions using the stuff in a white jar, Rob & I knew we needed to share fknhöney with the world. 

Wait, let me back up. We actually hadn’t had sex for almost a year (post-baby).

I was trying to heal my 3rd degree pelvic prolapse.

Sexy time was the furthest thing from my mind.

My libido was in the gutter, and I had no desire to touch myself, either. 

I never considered searching for a healing potion for my wilted petals. Does such a product even exist??

Or lube ... isn’t that stuff just great for the naughty drawer and bum play!?

So then, Rob & I were at this rainy music festival in Vancouver and ran into our friend Ashley. Just before we hugged goodbye, she gifted us a jar of this love butter she makes. I put it in Phoenix's diaper bag and didn’t think much of it till we finally got brave enough to 'get it on.'

Holy hell! 

FKNHÖNEY, the brand, was born the next day.

Not only did fknhöney help us get our groove back in the bedroom, I took my healing into my own hands with incredible results. 

In fact, our 'bedroom experiments' were such a success, that the very first one landed us a surprise pregnancy! 


The fknhöney promise is to MAKE LOVE BETTER. 

We mean this in every way. Let us show you how. 



Katya & Rob.